Our industry is an ever-evolving beast, and so is our company

We are driven by the change we see in the world around us, and by the advancements in technology and the expectations of our clients. To keep up with the world we’re having to take bigger bites and chew faster.

Ruffell Creative is about taking your briefs, your ideas, your back-of-the-napkin scribbles - and turning them into exceptional film and photography. We’re about telling engaging stories through strong pictures. And even stronger relationships.

We identify your challenges and coordinate resources to fit each brief, ensuring a smooth transition from creative idea to end product. This approach has established our reputation of creativity, high standards and service for the past three decades.

Grips just want to have fun

The thing that gets us out of bed every day is that we get a kick out of what we do. Anyone can make money but only a very lucky few get to do what they truly love and make a living from it.

Frankly my dear, we do give a damn

We talk straight, operate with transparency and deliver as promised.

Everything in moderation

Including moderation. We keep our eyes on strategic results and operational logistics, with one foot planted in the artistic, the other in the world of business.

Pictures that move people

Our work is our stamp. It’s the impression we leave when the video has rolled and the lights have come back on.

No fear

Our industry is always evolving and we mustn't be confined by comfort. But rather, explore new ways of doing old things.